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10 Most Unusual New Year’s Resolutions

Every year when the sun sets on the last day of the year, more often than not we are all pumped up for the new beginning. All set to take on the new year with a new zeal, a zest, a refreshing energy. We make a gazillion plans and tons of resolutions. We set targets and we plan to initiate new projects. There is something about the celebrations for welcoming the new year that make us over achievers, at least for the time being.

Since we just saw the beginning of yet another year, here is a list of resolutions that might entertain you, unusual as they are! What are yours? Leave them in the comments section.

Break a Record


There can be several sorts of records that you can set your mind on for breaking. For instance, a personal fitness goal that you have been struggling with. You can do it, and once you have, why not aim for an international or national record?

Learn a decent party trick


Master a new skill – even of it is as pointless as learning a new party trick. Get rid of that age old trick that comes out after a few laughs and your inner self will thank you. Boost your self-esteem this year.

Make a new friend every month


You can never have enough of friends and though it is hard to make good friends, make a conscious effort and expand your social cicle. Add a new friend (not on Facebook) every month.

Make a picture memorabilia


Try to maintain a picture memorabilia of your entire year (this year). So if you go to Poland or you visit the Great Wall of China, take pictures and retain them. By the end of the year you will have a photographic recollection of the year.

Learn something new


Learning something new means learning something that you didn’t dare learn  when you were a child like riding a bike or even swimming. Your inner child will be happy.

Connect with your body

connect with your body

Resolutions include beauty regimes, fitness goals, and gym routines. How about this year you take time out to love your body as it is? Love yourself for who you are, as is, where is!

Try a new food every week


Are you the sort of person who likes sticking to the same kind of food? Well go out and try something new every week! Instead of omitting food from your life, add it! Try Sushi for instance!

Do something nice for others everyday


Enough said about one’s own self. Why not try doing something nice for others around the year! The amazing satisfaction you get in return will be totally worth it!

Sort out yourself financially

We all suffer from financial stress. Take time out in the start and think up of ways to cut down on your over heads. If its food bills, petrol, excessive shopping, think of alternatives! Save and you will save yourself!

Make the usual, unusual


Stop with the same monotonous and mundane routine and add some spice to your life.  Perk up your daily life with little pick-me-ups throughout the year!

Author Zehra Farooq

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