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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wolves

After the success of the Twilight series, wolves (read were-wolves) have been quite the rage amongst us humans. Then came The Game of Thrones and the ferocious dire-wolves were a sight to behold. So undoubtedly perhaps no other animal carried as huge an importance for man as the wolves.

As shown in the game of thrones, the dire wolves were domesticated and this actually transcends from a fact that they were the first of animals to be tamed by humans. There are so many things we can bet you werent aware of about these species and this is exactly what this article will aim for.

Hybrid Wolf


Wolves have decreased in number over the ages. There is a huge number of coyotes still out there and when they were tested, 20% of them had wolf ancestory. Coywolves are hybrids which are larger than normal coyotes.



So cannibalism is not only limited to humans. The wolves won’t leave another dying wolf in peace. They would eat it alive which is why hunters need to quickly take a trapped wolf from the trap before the others eat it up.

Black Wolf


Most of you must have seen or heard of black wolves. Well here is an interesting piece of information, black wolves do not occur naturally. They are this way because of mating with canines!

American Wolves


It is said the wolves in America, in comparison to European countries, are less threatening to human lives. They are less ferocious and less keen to take our lives than those in Europe and Asia.

Dog Eaters


Like said earlier, wolves even interbreed with dogs (thus the black wolves) but the fact remains that no matter how close a species they are, wolves love dogs as a meal! Way to go I say!

Man Eaters


It was when the plague hit and left bodies on the edges of the cities that the wolves came to dine on us! Could they help it though – it isn’t really their fault when so much meat is spread everywhere.

The Role of Small Pox


So the small pox that spread also left millions of bodies to the mercy of the wolves which also aggravated their appetite for human flesh! Again, not their fault.

Eaten Alive


So the wolves attack in packs, injuring their prey until it falls on the ground helpless. Then they do not wait for it to die properly. They just eat it while it is still alive!

Rabid Wolves


They do not catch rabbies on their own, they do catch it from other animals though. After catching the disease their is no disorientation phase, they just fly into a rage and kill!

Extreme Weight


The further away from the equator, the heavier the wolf. And the maximum size can be as much as 200 pounds!

Author Zehra Farooq

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