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10 Top Tourist Destinations For Christmas This Year

Christmas is a special day. It’s a day when everything is enjoyed and every bad deed is forgotten. On this day, people tend to visit to different beautiful places to make their Christmas more special and more enjoyable because it comes only once in a year. But of course with beauty, comes expenses. Most of the families are unable to visit to their dream places due to financial problems.

Presenting you a list of top tourist destinations for christmas this year. If you’re planning to go to one of these places, you might wanna read the costs before you leave!



Phoenix is a place where a normal family would want to spend their Christmas in. Average airfare costs is $407 which is manageable. Average night at a hotel is $121. All the fun that you want will be available at this place.

Las Vegas


This was once an expensive tourist destination but no longer so. The hotel and airfare is about $500 per person but this can vary slightly considering your departing place and the days you select. There are alot of inexpensive activities that you can do once there.



If you are looking to get away from the cold and the snow then Mexico is the place to be. The flights are fairly cheap in the winter and it is guaranteed to give you a good time. Who said Christmas always has to be about snow.



If Europe is one your mind and you are running on a budget then the likes of Romania and Bulgaria would suit you. With their rail system and low foods cost, it will cost around $60 per day to get along. The airfare is not all that expensive as well.



If  you have money to spend than you might want to consider the Caribbean especially Barbados. The summery shimmering beaches would make you breathless. A remarkable experience to devour upon.

Quebec City, Canada


If you want to go to a snowy place that has history and a European touch, then the french speaking part of Canada- Quebec City is for you. The airfare is not expensive and neither is there a great currency exchange difference.

Durango, Colorado


If you wish to enjoy sleigh rides and romantic inns, if you wish to delve into the serenity of the mountains and enjoy luxurious hot spring spa’s then Durango is the destination for you. The train system in Durango is tourist friendly and easy on the pockets.

Icecastles, Sweden


The place where you can get married at the Ice Chapel, have drinks at the Ice Bar, go ice surfing, and snow mobiling. The best deals can be caught in the summer where the rates drop to as low as $160!

Hershey, Pennsylvania


It is known as the “Sweetest place on Earth”. You would be doing yourself a great favor if you pick Hershey as your Christmas destination this year. There are thrilling rides, sports, attractions, concerts, museums, and what not!

Napa Valley, California


If you cannot do without Californian sunshine than Napa Valley is your destination. Mud baths, salt baths, and spas will make you forget everything and really focus on that much needed vacation!

Author: Ahmad Saeed

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