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10 of the Creepiest Places on Earth

We have all heard about naturally mysterious places on earth. Places that make one feel at loss due to the completely bewildering nature of events and natural phenomenon that takes place over there. Examples can be found in places like the Nazca Lines in Peru or the round stone spheres that are found in Spain etc.

However, these creepiest places on earth are more mysterious then creepy. This article refers to some of the most naturally terrifying places on earth that scare the hell out of anyone! Read on to devour a feeling of horror sweeping down upon you!

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

 The 17000 victims of the Tuol Sleng are still felt to be roaming the halls and therefore some real weird happenings are often reported. So many fell victim to the Death Machine and then there were many who were forced to admit for crimes that they had not committed! So I am guessing its no wonder that they now haunt the place!

The Mines of Paris


I am sure most of you must have heard of the catacombs lying deep under Paris. Its not even funny how easily one can get lost in these tunnels! The mines that are under there now run almost 600 kilometers. They are completely unsafe with no patrol what so ever!

Leap Castle


It is said that the whole castle is haunted and the overpowering beast that is the master of all haunts is known as Elemental! Experience of a few people says that the beast can be sensed approaching if there is a strong scent of sulfur and rotting flesh!

Shades of Death Road


Apart from the more than spooky name of the road, what is most note worthy is the fact that their is a lake that lies to the south of this road! The lake is known as Ghost Lake. People have reported an unusually lit up sky above the lake and often other mysterious happenings!

Byberry Mental Asylum


Reading about this place reminded me about the movie “Grave Encounters” and certainly what most people say is that the things roaming the halls in this deserted building are not as terrifying as the things that went on in the hospital where patients were dismembered and murdered, violated and harassed!

Humberstone and LaNoria


If you are willing to do some supernatural photography then this is the place to be. It has been said and seen that the dead of this cemetry rise and walk at night and if snapped at random, the images even appear in photographs!

Riddle House


The guy who lived in this house hanged himself and died. He was rumored to be very against the male gender which is why his spirit now harms any male that goes into the attic of the house, which is where the original Riddle hanged himself!

Stull Cemetry


About this place, a book once said that the devil himself holds a court with his worshipers here which obviously means the place is more than just haunted. People attribute it to the fact that a father once done with burning down the farm found the body of his son in ashed and another man went missing and was later found hanging with a tree!

Hell Town

Hell town

Stanford Road, apparently being very steep suddenly ends at a dead point.As per the recollection of peoples personal experience, if you wander too long on this dead end you might end up meeting the freakiest of creatures from all walks of life!

The Ridges


This place is listed as the 13th most haunted place in the world and rightfully so because of the numerous reported incidents of ghost hauntings and creepy things! The creepiest story by far is the fact that there was a female patient of 54 years who went missing and was found 6 weeks later in a ward that was no longer being used! She has taken of all her clothes and had folded them neatly. She was lying down on the cold floor and she decomposed, her body leaving stains on the ground!

Author Zehra Farooq

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