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10 Most Disturbing Conspiracy Theories

 Conspiracy theories have been around for a long long time now, in one way or the other! Whether you like it or not, every main event in the world is marred by a conspiracy and some of them are even true! Generally speaking, conspiracy theories involve or claim the involvement of a few different government organizations or hidden societies too the extent sometimes even individual people are named thus making them legends. This article will shed light upon some of the most disturbing conspiracy theories too date leaving many questions in ones mind!

9/11 attack on the World Trade Centers

World Trade Center

It has to be one of the biggest events in the history of the world and many people say it was either the White house administration, the FBI, the CIA, the Al Qaeda, or the Taliban! To each his own I say!

Marilyn Monroe’s Death

Marilyn Monroe

Many people believed and still continue to believe that her relationship with the two Kennedy brothers is what got her killed. Maybe because she knew too much! No one knows to date!

John F. Kennedy Assassination


The events that followed his death only leads one to believe that maybe he had too many political enemies and therefore he had to be silenced. This much is for sure that his was certainly not a natural death!

Apollo Moon Landing


This perhaps is one of the biggest conspiracy theories ever that the American government fooled its people and the rest of the world into thinking that they were actually the first ones to land on the moon where as in actual they only filmed it professionally in a studio to make it look real!

The Obama Confusion


So many people still believe that Obama is actually a practicing Muslim and that he is working with the Taliban to bring down the United States as a whole! There are books available on the same topic!

The Da Vinci Code


An interesting conspiracy was revealed via Dan Browns book that Jesus has secretly married Mary and that they had a child together out of love! The truth about the conspiracy was later revealed however it did initiate quite a few frowns!

Michael Jackson Alive


Some people believe that Micheal Jackson’s doctor killed him with an over dosage on someone’s instruction, that he really would not want to die what with another album coming up and with his tours and his happy-go-lucky attitude during his last days! But who knows right?

Attack on Pearl Harbor


Many believe that the top US and British officials knew about the Japanese attacks and they might have fooled Hitler into attacking America which in turn forced her to step in for the Allies!



The Us government, as per conspiracy theorists, completely diminished any remaining evidence of the aliens that crash landed in a disc like object. The object that the Us government says was a weather balloon!

The Death of Princess Diana


So many people are certain that the death of Princess Diana in Paris was a complete cover up for some sinister plans of perhaps the Queen, the Royal Family, or the ex-husband!

Author Zehra Farooq

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