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10 Secret Societies in the World

We have always been hearing of different sorts of secret societies in the world. More often than not, a conspiracy theory is based around one or more than one of these hidden secret socieites. According to general conception, the sole concept of these organizations or societies is too claim world hegemony and this is precisely why, most of the world events that have a global impact, whether positive or negative, is linked to them!  I am sure that most of you must have heard of more than a few of the societies listed under but this list is an all en-compassing document of all the societies that there are. There are many famous leaders and personalities from around the globe that have been known to have a link (whether minor or major) to one or more of these hidden agencies! Read it for yourself!



This is touted to be one of the largest most influential of all the secret societies! The society was formed in the 1700s but the documents that are evidence to its existence are as old as the 1300s. Personalities such as Winston Churhcill, Mark Twain, Henry Ford, and a host of others are known to be Mason Masters. Their rules have changed since the past days but critics maintain that they have occult ways!

The Illuminati


The society with the famous eye and the pyramid as their symbol is also pretty well known. Goethe is supposedly one of the most prominent illuminati’s. More often than not, this group is taken as a myth but none other has had such a presence like the illuminati be it real life or reel life! It is taken to be a sinister shadow government, directing world politics and industry as we speak!

Skull and Bones

Boris Rasin, Skull and Bones

Every Ivy League college has been known to have secret societes but the most famous is Yale’s Skull and Bones. The most prominent members of this society are George H.W Bush and George W. Bush! Conspiracy theorists have claimed that they have the political elites in their grasp and it is seemingly true for the most part!

The Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty

They are famous for coining the phrase “no taxation without representation” and their protest of the Stamp Act! They were known to come into being before the Revolutionary War in America!

The Thule Society

The Thule Society

Adolf Hitler supposedly joined this party when he was very young and soon took over it completely. Which is when the party came to be known as the National Socialist German Workers or simply, The Nazi’s!

The Knights of the Golden Circle


This particular group did not only concern itself with running the government, flourishing during the Civil War in the States, they were known to form armies at times to forward their agenda by means of force.

The Black Hand


It is the secret society of the the political revolutionaries of the imperialist party. It was initiated in 1912 in Spain and if not for the botched job of the assasination of an Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, this society would never even have been known!

The Order of Assassins


This is one of the muslim band of assasins. They were a group of the Shia Sect of the muslims who broke away from a bigger sect and they used political influence and gorilla like tactics in their fights against their enemies. The group is not of alot of significance simply because they weren’t that large in numbers!

The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group

After the masonaries and the illuminati’s this is perhaps the most controversial groups and many of the royal families of Spain and the Netherlands are supposed to be a part of it! Critics maintain that their main aim is to steer world politics, public opinion, and the finance of the world however they claim that world peace and nuclear non-proliferation is there only agenda!

Ordo Templi Orientis

Philosophy Of Ordo Templi Orientis

It is a mystic organization and it started functioning on the late twenties. It is no longer as secretive about its business as it was back then. The key players being Aleister Crowley, it was intiated to work against the same lines as the less formal Freemasons! For members to progress within the organisation, they rely on occult practices and rituals!

Author Zehra Farooq

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