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10 Lesser Known Facts About Sharks

I am sure we all freaked out like anything when we first sat through a few hours of JAWS – the film! The main reason were the deadly sharks! Were you aware of the facts that are presented in this list before? Did you know the kind of prey that they look for and why they are so anxious to tear away at us poor little human beings?

Well you shall find that and more by the time you are done reading what I have compiled for you here!

Shark Sleep with an Eye Open


I think one of the most terribly dangerous thing about these giants fishes is the fact that they continue to stare even when they are asleep! Now that is a haunting thought ain’t it!

They can Eat Anything


Sharks have been known to eat anything starting from a box of nails to wine bottles to what not. But the interesting thing is that they cannot eat a fish called sole because the fish when swallowed by a shark, releases a certain chemical which makes the shark expel the fish right out!

They Abandon their Kids


The mother shark will often lay eggs in a safe place or even if they are born inside the shark, the little sharkies will only be the concern of the mother till they are not born! After that they are totally on their own and completely independent!

They aren’t all Beasts


Starting from 7 inches and leading onto being 40 feet, there are around 400 species of sharks. They live an average of 20 years although there are some sharks that continue living beyond a hundred years!

Sharks are gentle giants

friendly sharks 2

Not all of the sharks are in the mood of tearing apart human beings and feeding on their body parts. It is a general shark rule that the largest of sharks are mostly harmless giants! They are as willing to rip you apart as the flower in your garden!

They have a softer side


It is interesting to know that sharks have a softer side if you call the scent-following of the sharks a soft side of their otherwise dangerous image!

They only attack when hungry


Sharks normally reside almost 6000 feet to 10,000 feet underwater and therefore are no immediate threat. They only come into shallow waters in search for food or sometimes when they are scared! Otherwise, they tend to mind their own business deep down the sea!

They have intense sense of sense


They have a very strong sense of smell. So strong that  a shark can smell one part blood in 100 million parts of water! Which is probably why it is very easy to attract sharks via blood.

They have no ordinary Scales


Sharks have a very thick skin and it can grow as thick as 10 centimeters! There was a time when the skin of the shark was used as sandpaper because it is that rough! It protects the sharks from attacks and instead of scales, it is called “denticles”!

Their Teeth are Never Ending


Sharks can reproduce all of their lost teeth and have the ability to move their upper and lower jaws! The new teeth that grow are the largest and therefore the deadliest!

Author Zehra Farooq

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