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10 Unusual Things in a Women’s Purse

Women have been known to carry around huge bags and according to most men, they carry their whole entire lives with them for reasons that are totally baffling to the male generation. However, I believe that a women is relatively more maintenance prone than men and obviously more neat, prim, and proper. Now to maintain that whole aura of perfection, they need certain essential items with them at all times. Plus, given the fact that women tend to be more inclined towards blingy fashionable things, it is only suitable that they carry the biggest and flashiest of everything and thus the huge totes. Listed below is a collection of things that they normally carry with themselves in their purses for all those who always wanted to know!

The Anti-Troll Dispenser


You know how women sometimes smell like trolls well just to keep fresh and sweet smelling the whole day, a perfume is a must must must carried item in a woman’s purse. If it isn’t a whole large bottle than it will most surely be a small traveller but perfume will most certainly be there.

Dirt Mops


Mops or tissues, what ever you might want to call them, are certainly present in a womans bag. Girls and women all around the world are mostly cleaning prone or in worst cases have a cleaning OCD. For this and many other reasons they tend to keep Kleenexes or other forms of tissues with them and without a doubt, they do come in handy.

Keys and Planners


What would a girl do without keys and planners. A normal planner or a small diary is often the most frequently carried thing in their bag and so are the keys that are more often than not, attached to a humongous key chain with all the blings and stuff!

Vampire Essentials


You have surely heard how some peole refer to women as blood suckers which roughly translates to mean Vampires. So for that, sunglasses are a must have! This basically depends on the kind of area that one lives in because obviously if you live in a cold, sunless area, sunglasses certainly won’t be a part of the accessories in your bag but none the less, a girl can be counted on to be either carrying reading glasses or glares in her bag!

The Gringott’s Pouch


Unlike men who do not tend to save a lot, women can be trusted upon to carry alot of money with them whereever they go so my name for their wallet is a Gringotts Pouch! Impressed from the bank, Gringotts, in the Harry Potter series!

The “You-Know-What” Stuff


A lady has to have her personal effects with her and obviously that should suffice as description in this area. I have known women to carry nail clippers, extra sanitary napkins, and other girly stuff just in case!

Cindrella’s Slipper


Cindrella’s slipper simply because it is this accesorry which converts a girl from a ghoul to a diva! A girl without a makeup bag in her purse is just not a girl. Ok it does not necassarily have to be a big makeup bag, it can be certain makeup products or perhaps a few lipsticks, or a lipgloss or something, but it will be there!

Bread Crumbs


Track her footsteps through out the day via these bread crumbs or Reciepts. Girls are always shopping or thats what they say.  But it isn’t entirely false so if you get the chance to go through a woman’s purse, you will find a lot of reciepts in there sometimes for the smallest of things like a cup of coffee!

The Feed


The logic behind the sweetness of a girl is more often then not, the whole lot of candy and gum that she eats! If you don’t trust me you can ask any girl and she can pull out a wand of candy or gum out of her bag!

The Germ Detergent


Being the cleansing freaks that they are, women are known to carry around lotions and hand sanitizers with them where ever they go. So that is also a must have in there bag. The brands may vary, the most famous these days being Bath and Body Works!

Author Zehra Farooq

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