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10 Weirdest Hotels in the World

We have all traveled around the world at one point or the other in our lives. For some of you who still haven’t had a chance to travel to another country, let me tell you that the best part is probably the fact that you get to stay in so many different hotels. And obviously the more beautiful the hotel the more pleasant the stay is. But what this article brings to you are the weirdest hotels that are known for being something beyond the ordinary. Once you read through – you will certainly be intrigued.

IKEA Sovhotell


This little one is located in Stockholm Sweden inside a shopping centre for all those people who are dropping dead due to intense shopping. So they provide mattresses, single as well as double, and a bridal suite so that customers do not pretend to “try out” the mattresses!

Tianzi Hotel


This particular hotel was built in China in the year 2000 and is the largest image hotel of Chine. The three fugres depict the three Chinese Gods Fu, Lu, Shou. To me it actually looks quite inspiring eh specially if you consider the fact that the pumpkin that one of the gods is holding is actually a suite!

Dog Bark Park Inn


This huge cutie was made by a bunch of chain-saw artists and is apparently beagle themed. The guests can enter from a balcony and this residence can accommodate four at one time! Interesting stay that might turn out to be!

Ice Hotel


This ice hotel is Sweden is the worlds largest ice and snow hotel. Every year it is melted and remodelled. The temperature is maintained at minus 5 degree and anyone who likes it cold, will love it here obviously! You can even walk around in snow pants and fur!

The Mirror Cube


This is a 4x4x4 box made up of aluminium and it hangs around a tree trunk.  It is totally covered in mirrors and it accommodates two people at one time. On a more humble side, to protect birds from colliding into the cube, an ultra violet colour has been integrated into the mirror that only birds can see.

Sandcastle Hotel


This is a seaside resort in the UK and as the ice hotel was completely made of ice, this one is completely made up of sand! It was complete in a week in 2008 by a team of four sculptors. A big rainstorm can wash away all the effort though.

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast


This bread and breakfast is actually 100 feet below ground level and the only access is via a ladder and also ricocheting down a steep cliff. It is only a one bedroom place and visitors have to sign a no-liability form!

Godiva Chocolate Suite


This whole suite in entirely designed from chocolate which includes the walls, the decorations pieces, the furniture. Although the fact remains that the room is not for sleeping purposes. Eat all you want would be the way to go. It is located in New York.

Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren

Hotel de Vrouwe van Stavoren

So you know how Netherlands is famous for wine so they made this hotel by converting and remodelling wine caskets into two person bedrooms. How original is that eh? Live like a hobbit for once!

Hotel movil


Ok last but certainly not the least, this is a hotel that can be placed anywhere with enough space. You how they say that a caravan is a house on the move, well this is a hotel on the move and the best thing, it accommodates more than 40 people!  Talk about taking your family for a trip!

Author Zehra Farooq

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