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10 Things Interviewers Really Want to Know

I am sure that all of us have been through that phase where we have been to interviews, tons of them actually, and ended up not being accepted and then we have wondered, what it is that interviewers really want to know! So I have this list for you where you shall find out exactly what they want to know!

Opinion of your previous co-workers


The first and the foremost thing is that they want to know what you previous managers and co-workers have to say about your performance, your work ethics, and your over all attitude!

How well do you get along with others

Another important thing that interviewers swoon over is the ability of an employee to get along with others. They are looking for people who would be great to work with.

Do you pay attention to little details


Little things like being on time, to sending emails on time and stuff like that also matters a lot. They certainly do not want a robot but someone who is capable of performing the big as well as small tasks with equal efficiency!

Your integrity

This is one of the more important factors and something undoubtedly every interviewer is looking for!

Your Work Ethic


They are certainly keen to know whether you are a saint at work or does pressure unleash your inner dragon!

Are you resourceful


The interviewers are looking for people with “I can do it” attitude rather than the “This is impossible” attitude during tough times especially!

Do you know how to get things done


The interviewers also really want to know whether you can only come with up with solutions or do you also know how to implement them! How to actually get the results!

Are you self aware


People really like candidates who know their strengths but people who know both their strengths and weaknesses are admired even more. Being self aware is important!

How well did you perform at your previous job


So they know that you were assigned various tasks at your previous job. What they need to know is how well you performed at those tasks!

Do you really need the job


Employers certainly want to know whether or not you want the job. They do not want someone who would slouch to work and then leave in three months! Commitment is key!

 Author Zehra Farooq

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