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10 Strangest Hobbies in the World

Was there ever a moment in your life where you thought you had a weird hobby, something that you might be embarrassed of  like collection comic books at the age of 20. Well rest assured that there are people out there who have hobbies that are even more bizarre than your little acts of innocence. Read on to find out more about the random weird acts of people around you, acts more commonly known as hobbies!

Riding Roller Coasters


There is a 78 year old who has a ridden a roller coaster for like 4000 times in his life, a maximum daily total of roller coaster rides is 90 for this old dude. I am sure most of us freak out at the thought of sitting in the topsy turvy ride!

Milk Bottle Collecting


You might not think so but this actually is a justified hobby. Look at it this way, the designs of milk bottles change with time right, so if one starts collecting and actually makes a museum of milk bottles, they can proudly show of the various trends in milk bottles! Paul Luke has more than 10,000 milk bottles!

Doodling on Cars


There is a guy in Taiwan named Li Zongxiong who lives on pension. This guy has covered all of his vehicles with script from various Buddhist editions and sayings. Each and every part of his rides is covered in writing and he claims that the police, sometimes, finds it hard to believe that someone would do such a thing to their own vehicle!

Tape Art


This mind sound a little out there but people are actually making quite impressive art renditions out of tape. The normal practice is that you take the tape out of the cassette and then try making an image of the singer of the tape, using the flimsy tape itself! Now that is something one can actually adopt!

Extreme Dog Grooming


All of you who currently own pets, or have had pets in the past must know that pet grooming is something very essential. Some people just make it a hobby to take pet grooming, or should I say Dog grooming (to be specific) to such an extreme level that the dogs start looking like some other animal!

Being the Extra-Extra


We see extra’s in the movies and in television shows all the time. Well there is this guy in south London called Paul Yarrow, who likes appearing as an extra- extra on TV. For those of you who know not, an extra-extra would be the person you see, randomly standing behind the anchor or newscaster during a live road show etc.

Faking Death


When he could not make it as an actor, Chuck Lamb decided he would play dead to earn a living and he is very successful at faking his own death! His fake death pictures and videos have attracted quite the crowd.


Mooing hobby

Believe it or not, mooing is actually a hobby enjoyed by the young and  the old equally. All you need to do is brace yourself, stand straight, and moo like a cow! Sounds like fun right?

Navel Fluff Collection


This hobby right here takes the cake for being the weirdest but trust what you see people because there exists as person by the name of Graham Barker, who likes collection his own navel fluff and has been gathering it over the years!



Last but certainly not the least, Jonathon Lee has a hobby of filing law suits despite being in prison! He was named in the Guinness book of world records for most law suits ever filed, in response to which, he sued Guinness claiming that they have no right to publish his lawful masterpieces!

Author Zehra Farooq

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