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Top 10 Messages Given by Tv Shows

The media has always had an impact on human life. The movie the kite runner inspired social work in Afghanistan. The oscar winning movie slum-dog millionaire had an impact on the slum dwellers of India. Every story has a moral behind it. Just like when we were young and every fairytale had a message. As we have grown up  we longer watch fairy tale cartoons but the message that goes into the most popular tv shows is stil somewhat similar to what we have heard in fairytales.

10. Friends

“When you truly love someone you must let them go, if they return they are forever yours”. Rachel and Ross are a classical example of this famous quote. They have always had an off and on relationship. Even though Ross agrees to let Rachel go in the last episode She returns and does  not go to Paris. It is revealed in Joey’s spin off show Joey that they get married later on.

9. Glee

Although the show does make it clear that the theme is not about popular and beautiful people(actually it seems to place them as outcasts at some moments). The main message given to everyone is that diversity is the one thing everyone has in common and everyone can shine and reach their true potential if they accept themselves for who they are. It’s better to be a bad original of yourself than a great copy of someone else.

8. Scrubs

Scrubs is a medical humor that focuses on the struggles of  doctors in the making. However the facade focuses on the humorous aspects of a hospital. The patients and doctors have to make difficult decisions. What the main message of the show is that anything work having in life doesn’t come easy . As quoted by the infamous Dr.Bob Kelso.

7. How i Met Your Mother

No matter how hopeless the search seems never give up. How i met your mother is officially the singles show! I for one am i hopeless romantic who believes in Ted’s search and  believe in  not settling for second best because after all it is the rest of your life.

6. Everybody Loves Raymond

A woman is another woman’s biggest enemy. Ray’s mother and wife are constantly fighting  and in some situations poor Ray is forced to choose between them.

5. Entourage

Vince is shown as the leader of the gang. But he feels incomplete without his friends. He chooses them in favor of his Hollywood buddies  because he knows that at the end of the day they will be there for him.

4. Cougar Town

Age is just a number. You are never too old to find true love and happiness. Every body needs to be happy and one can only find happiness if they leave the path that they are currently following and follow a new path.

3. Dexter

Everybody has secrets! Inner peace is important if your going to have to live with those secrets forever. Dexter is a man who was tormented at childhood and as a result has become a serial killer. His habits show that he has not yet found inner peace. “In order to move forward one needs inner peace”.

2. Gossip Girl

“Technology has made your social life hell”. Thanks to smart phones and gadgets people can trace you, manipulate and even catch you in the act. And the sad part is there is no stopping anyone once they have a picture or video of you and sadly to the miserable upper east siders their entire life is the paparazzis dream.

1. Two and a Half Men

Sadly this sitcom shows a very true and real fact of life. The underachiever is the hard working one and the over achiever gets everything in life by just writing jingles. This just proves that lady luck is a tramp and favors the one who likes to get laid more!

 Author – Anam Ameen
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