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10 Most Weird Hairstyles Ever

Usually when we think of weird hairstyles lady gaga is the first person that comes to mind! We all love the wild the weird and the wonderful. Hair is one accessory that is free and  great hair automatically makes you good looking. however what we have below are some the greatest fashion disasters in the world of hair couture! Surely the fashion police should have these fiends sentenced for life.

Here is a preview of the zaniest hairstyles human eyes have ever seen! This collection is so wild it makes GaGa look sane.

The Flat Top Mullet

In a recent resurgence of trendy irony, any and all manner of ridiculous Mullets have been spotted. Above them all in terms of sheer awesomeness is the Flat -top mullet This hairstyle is so incomprehensible that it breaks common decency laws in all fifty states, as well as most of the E.U. Don’t let hipster-driven anti-fads push you into something as ridiculous as this.

The Statue of Liberty

Now we all agree that the statue of liberty is a great historical monument,but looking like that is a crime. This ridiculous hairstyle is guaranteed to make even the most patriotic American disown this look!

Face Shaved Into Hair

Just looking at this picture is enough to give you the creeps.This  haircut gives  new meaning to the word two faced :p. It is not advisable to have this haircut if you have kids. They won’t need the boogeyman if they have you.

Shitty hair

This is ridiculous! Why would a person want to degrade themselves by having  someone shit on their head! This dude  gives a new meaning to the word crap haircut!

The Bushy Rainbow

Mr weirdy beardy here might be smiling down here but Jesus up there sure won’t be when he sees weird look ! All we can say is what in God’s name were you thinking when you got this look!

The Animal

It doesn’t matter if you have the  figure of Gisele Bunchden and the Face of Helen of Troy. With hair like this  no one is going to pay any attention to your countenance or body ! and it ain’t gonna be cause your hair is pretty.All people will be thinking is what a  f@#&()*! retard.

Wild Spikes

We all like a bit of lift in our hair, but when it begins to SERIOUSLY defy gravity and our hair looks like the vikings helmet you know that there is  something wrong!

The Funky Tails

This hairstyle actually looks like space age haircut like in futurama or the jetsons! makes us shiver when we think about the future now!

Condom Head

Yes we understand  hair is beautiful and needs protection but seriously covering your hair in condoms is not protecting it from anything. Well maybe this was designed for people who think from the north!

The Peacock

If you are guy and possess this look it will really make all the ladies think that you really do have a pea “cock”! Do not  EVER think of getting laid ever if you have this look ! Enjoy your celibate life.

Author – Anam Ameen
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  • drixcom says:

    Wild Spikes = he probably uses it to filter food particles from the surrounding water . . . 

    Condom head = presumably drifts with the winds and currents. Probably poisonous.  

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