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10 Best Tourist Attractions in Pakistan

Pakistan has been dubbed the most dangerous country in the world. Although like an attention grabbing reality star Pakistan is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Yet this nation offers some of the most beautiful locations, the most hospitable people, and tourist spots that for the ones that love adventure. And did I mention the ultra delectable cuisine.
For all you shopaholics Pakistan is home to one of the best cotton in the world. Offers great bargains for the clothes hound out there. Here we have ten reasons why you must visit one the most beautiful places and friendly localities. Pakistan has everything from deserts to beaches and mountains.
Fairy Meadows

Home to the great killer mountain, fairy meadows is a paradise on earth, for the avid photgrapher it offers the most scenic locations, for the hardcore adventurer this is the base camp of Nanga Parbat mountain. It is an extremely peaceful place and has an incredible view.

Cholistan Desert

derawar- fort

Located in punjab it is a place that is famous for its brightly dressed people and rich culture. People of Cholistan live a simple life. They sing and dance to compensate for the desolate wilderness around them. Since the desert offers no colours, they wear vibrant combinations of warm colours and decorate mud house sand domestic animals with these colours. Snake charmers (jogis) are the real travellers of this lovely desert.



A famous quote about Lahore states “You have not been born until you have visited lahore”. It is the cultural hub of Pakistan. Lahore has the advantage of having all the historical buildings from the Mughalera. The old city is a paraphernalia of grand architecture. Whether you’re in search of history, great food and incredible shopping, Lahore is the place to visit.



Karachi is different from the rest of Pakistan in the same way that New York is different from the rest of the United States. Karachi, located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, is the financial and commercial center of the nation, as well as its largest port. Karachi has a fine collection of Anglo Indian architecture, a legacy of the British Raj, which will keep history buffs engaged. Culture vultures will find a city with many art galleries, displaying a broad spectrum of works from Asia, and some New Age works from aspiring Pakistani artists. Karachi also has one of the finest beaches in Pakistan that offer fun ad frolic. Do visit the famous Sunday bazaar for incredible bargains.

Concordia, Karakoram


Concordia is the junction of Majestic Baltoro and Godwin Austin Glacier. Heaven for mountaineers from all around the world, concordia has four of eight “Eight-Thousanders” in the world. While trekking here you will get to see K-2 which is the second highest mountain in the world.



Multan is known as the city of sufis or the city of saints due to a large number of sufi’s from the city. The city also has beautiful mosques, unique bazaars and many tombs. The city Multan is also famous for its crops like wheat, sugercanes and fruies like mangoes, pomegranates. The matchless thing of Multan is its Sohan Halwa.


Gwadar’s location and history has given it a unique blend of cultures. The Arabic influence upon Gwadar is strong as a consequence of the Omani era and its close proximity to the Arabian peninsula. Omara is a beautiful white sand beach located in Gwadar also offers the experience of fishing.



Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. A picturesque location smack in the middle of the mountains Islamabad is a great place for trekking, hiking and enjoying nature. The friendly people and the abundant  foreigners give this city an international feel. The city has an air of peace and solitude. The world famous Faisal Mosque is in this city.

Lake Saif Ul Malook


A beautiful and amazing lake that is located in the northern side of the Kaghan Valley. The lake is associated with a story that a Prince of Persia fell in love with a fairy at the lake. People living in surroundings believe that fairies come down at the lake at the full moon night. The temperature at day time is moderate but drops to minus at night. In winters, the lake gets freeze adding more beauty to it. If you’re planning on visiting Pakistan, this is the first place that you would want to visit.

Moen Jo Daro

Known as the city of lost treasure, it is one of the greatest old civilizations Moen jo Daro is a great place for all history buffs. Many artefacts have been discovered  here. It is an incredible archaeological site with much to explore and much to learn.

Author – Anam Ameen
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