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10 Worst Aircraft Crashes in History

Disaster is one of the worst face of death. It’s like one moment you’re living your life with joy and happiness and the next moment you’re crying for help, screaming and shouting. Nobody knows when a disaster would come but when it does, it comes with death and injuries and what not.

Here is the list of 10 Worst Aircraft disasters in history. Shocking and sad.

In New York


On September 11th 2011, 2 airplanes crashed in the newyork city making it the worst aviation disaster. Almost 3,500 people died in result of this disaster.

In Tenerife, Canary Islands


On March 27th 1997, two planes crashed with eachother after the pilot of one plane started his takeoff roll without clearance. A total of 583 people died due to this crash.

In Mt. Osutaka, Japan


On august 12th 1985, a Boeing 747 crashed in japan killing 520 people out of 524 aboard. The cause of the crash was improper repairs by Boeing due to which the control of the aircraft was lost.

In Charkhidadri, India


An aircraft of Saudi Arabian airlines collided with Kazastan airlines due to misunderstanding of directions. 349 people died in this disaster.

In Ermenonville, France


On March 3rd 1974, an aircraft of Turkish airlines crashed into a forest due to a defective latching mechanism on the cargo door which resulted in loss of all hydraulic control. 346 dead people were recorded.

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In-Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

On August 19th 1980, 301 people aboard died on Saudi Arabian Lockheed due to the fire which started in the aircraft cargo compartment. The plane landed safely but before the rescue teams could reach, everybody died.

In Chicago O’Hare, Illinois


On March 25th 1979, a total of 271 people died when an aircraft due to its engine failure crashed in Chicago. The blame was on improper maintenance.

In Lockerbie, Scotland


On December 21st 1948, plane crashed in Lockerbie after a bomb explosion in the cockpit which was planted by Libyan terrorists. 259 dead were recorded.

In Belle Harbor, Queens, New York

In-Belle Harbor-New York

On November 12th 2001, an airplane crashed after just 3 minutes of its takeoff. The pilot lost control due to some broken parts of the plane and its nose dived and crashed. A total of 260 people died.

In Komaki, Aichi, Japan


On April 26th 1944, a china Airlines Airbus crashed when an officer accidently triggered the TOGA leaver during a landing attempt at Nagoya Airport. 264 died in this disaster.

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