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10 Top Grossing Designer Labels for 2011

The fashion industry generates a billion dollars every year. However some fashion houses reign supreme as leaders in high end apparel. Fashion is and will always be an integral part of our lives. Since the time cleopatra used to have her slaves make her wardrobe fashion is an important part of history too.

Below are the most expensive  and top grossing fashion houses in the world during 2011.

1.  Gucci

This brand was founded in 1921 and makes 1.2 billion dollars annually.

2. Louis Vuitton

An international  french brand that makes sunglasses,leather products, watches and all kinds of shoes. They make 2.7 billion dollars every year.

3. Chanel

One of the most recognized labels the world over, they make a variety of products from clothing, perfumes to high end cosmetics. it makes approximately 2.3 billion every year.

4. Burberry

This British brand manufactures clothing perfumes and accessories. The annual  revnue is  about a billion dollars a year.

5. Fendi

An Italian brand best known for making bags . It makes around 338.5 million dollaras a year.

6. Christian Dior

This brand has shares in LVMH and was created in 1946. It has 160 stores all over the world and generates 18 billion dollars a year.

7. Prada

This brand is known to be ultimate status symbol. Its forte are bags and accessories. It generates 1.7 billion dollars a year.

8. Christian Louboutin

The creator of the most incredible shoes in the world! All the soles are red to mark their uniqueness. The annual revenue of  this desginer is 154 million dollars.

9. Versace

The huge fashion giant rules the roost with a net income of 7.6 billion dollars annually.

10. Hermes

The creator of the famous Birkin bags makes 2 billion dollars annually.

Author – Anam Ameen

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