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10 Shortest Celebrity Marriages

The Kim Kardarshian and Kris Humphries debacle may be called a sham. There are many more marriages in tinsel town that make the duration of their marriage seem like an eternity. Celebville is full of  beautiful couples and ugliest marriages. However the show must go on.

Below is the list of the shortest ever celebrity marriages. Read on for the shocking stories of love gone in seconds! As donkey from shrek so rightly says “celebrity  weddings you can never predict them”. One warning though, get married in Vegas at your own risk!

Robin  Givins and Svetozar Marinkovic

This actress, author and mother married the yugoslavian tennis instructor. Their marriage lasted 7 minutes! the shortest marriage ever. It was a  secret marriage at the beach where people had no idea what was going on.

Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker

These two lovers were co-stars in a movie before they got married and later on decided that well after 6 hours that they were not compatible. 6 hours is the duration that this couple was married  for. They only knew each other for a few days and married on impulse.

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe De Alba


No one quite does it like Zsa Zsa. Her husband Felipe and Zsa Zsa annulled their marriage after one day because her marriage to her ex- husband had not been dissolved completely.

Britney Spears and  Jason Alexander

Britney Spears  famous first marriage took place at 5.30 am in Vegas.  She claims it was a drunken stupor as all early morning Vegas weddings are. Jason later on became the inventor of the famous t-shirt slogan ” i married britney spears and all i got was this t-shirt”. They were married for 48 hours.

Michelle phillips and Dennis Hopper

They were married for 8 days. And according to them 7 of those those 8 days were really good, it was the 8th day that ruined the marriage.

Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman


Another Vegas marriage gone sour. They were marreid for 9 days before he called it the quits. Though they tried to make their marriage work for 5 months they got divorced in 9 days.

Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds


They got married on new years eve and two weeks later the marriage had ended. Well thats the Eddir Murphy show.

Drew Barrymore and  Jeremy Thomas

They were married for 29 days when Drew Barrymore was a young wild child and we all know what wild teenage girls are like.

Pamela Anderson and Rick Soloman

Another Vegas couple who split up after just 60 days. Vegas seems to be a cursed place to get married specially for hot hollywood celebrity couples.

 Kim Kardarshian and Kris Humphries


One of the the shortest unions in celebville and the latest celebrity to hit the divorce path is Kim Kardarshian. Many state that her marriage was a publicity stunt. However kim is doing what she does  best, that is attracting the tabloids.

Author – Anam Ameen

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