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10 Worst Pickup Lines Ever!

Pick up lines are the quintessential mistake every boy makes while trying to impress a girl. Unfortunately they fail. Usually instead of making you fly high they make you fall flat on your face! But love ‘em or hate ‘em they do get  you the attention.  Below is the selection of the worst pick up lines that are going to give you a guaranteed score…….Alone with yourself !

Saying these lines won’t make her say yes even if you literally are the last man on earth. The following pick up lines are only to be shared with your friends for a laugh. Try these at your own risk


1. If you were a  booger I’d pick you  first

What things men think of .This sound like something a second grader would say. Not the best way to give off a suave, debonair and dashing impression.  You will definitely get dissed! Come on what woman wants to be called disgusting mucus!  Not even chuck bass can get away with this one!

2. Excuse me but you have got something on your chest? My eyes!

Arrrrgghhhh even if she is a downright hussy staring at chest is not going to score you any brownie points.  Most women want to be treated with respect and even if your at a club there is no way you can a chick with this one….unless you are a ridiculously gorgeous male model!

3. Bitch you without me is like Harry Melvin without blue notes you ‘ ll never  go platinum!

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! I MEAN SERIOUSLY! Even if she is a music afficiando she isn’t gonna sing you a love song on this one!

4. I shit in my pants can I get in yours!


The only response you’ll be getting is ewwwww! Grosss! Not only is it in your face she will imagine the disgusting bodily secretion and put her off you and even if you have a  chance of getting in her pants. Guess what baby that chance is now gone.

5. All those curves and me with no brakes

Dude watch out! Oops just got hit by chick! That’s right boys saying this will get you slapped!Real hard. Keep your eyes on the road boys unless you wanna crash!

6. Your dad must  be retarded  cause you’re so special

A girl’s  father is usually the most important man in her life. But if she laughs at this one and end up   getting her number don’t  blame me later  for the daddy issues.

7. Is your last name  gillette  cause  you are the best a man can get

Is your first name lame! Cause that is what you sound like.  Pick up lines like this only work in sitcoms and comedy shows. Comparing her to a disposable razor will only make her shave you off from her list of potential dates.

8. If I could  rearrange the  alphabets I would put you in between  F and Ck


Urgghhhh! Sleaze alert!   Telling a girl that you want to screw her the first time  you meet her  will only  get you laid if she is a hooker. And even if she is after hearing this line she will charge a hefty sum!or she will give you the finger!

9. Grab ass “pardon me is this seat taken!”

Do this and you might be arrested for sexual harassment! Touching a girls butt without even knowing her name is a serious offence. Jokes aside you might be in serious trouble if you try this one

10.Your so fine I would eat your shit just to see where it  came from!

If she actually asks you to try this one you will be in a load of crap!  This just tops the list of all the gross  things to say to a girl.

Author – Anam Ameen

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