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10 Most Exotic Waterfalls in the World

Waterfalls are always something amazing to look at. Here we are not talking big numbers but the most exotic waterfalls. Some of them are hidden deep inside thick forrest and you may have to track a couple of miles to reach but at the end the scenry and serenity that they will provide you is absolutely devine.

Here we have compiled a list of some of the most exotic waterfalls around the world. Do let us know in comment section if you know any of the waterfalls that we has missed out.

Blaenrhondda Waterfall

Blaenrhondda Waterfall

Resting at the end of the Ronda river in Wales, this waterfall is miracle in itself. Photographers and nature lovers from around the world love to take a look at the wild gushes of water.

Burney Waterfalls

Burney waterfalls

One of the most spectacular water falls in California, the Burney falls flow throughout the year owing to the Burney creek which supplies water to them.

Plitvice Waterfalls

Plitvice Waterfalls

Resting in the gigantic Plitvice National park, Croatia, these waterfalls are a beautiful piece of work by nature. They are basically a network of around 16 lakes in the National Park and are an example of sheer beauty.

Triberg Waterfalls

Triberg  Waterfalls

Rated as Germany’s highest waterfalls, they flow all year round. The sun beams on these waterfalls till ten pm at night. So keep you camera even when you visit them at night.

Igazu Waterfalls

Igazu Waterfalls, Brazil

These exotic waterfalls divide the Igazu River into upper and lower Igazu River. The waterfalls are huge, deadly and gorgeous at the same time. One of the most sought after tourist location in Brazil.

Batroun Waterfalls

Batroun waterfalls

A visit to Lebanon must include a trip to the Batroun waterfalls. These waterfalls thrash about the rocks in anger and splendor. The sight keeps you mesmerized for hours on end.,

Cherapunji Waterfalls

Cherapunji waterfalls

Situated in the city of monsoon, Cherapunji waterfalls flow round the year as the rain in the city of Cherapunji is recorded in feet rather than in millimeter. The clear blue water gushing softly presents a tranquil picture and heart rendering music.

Victoria Waterfalls

Victoria falls, Zimbawe

These gigantic waterfalls are the main tourist attraction in Zimbawe. Throngs of tourist come to visit them each year.

Apsat river Waterfalls


These exotic waterfalls thrash in the region of Udokan , Russia. The water is a turquoise blue and clear like the Russian people themselves.

Idduki Waterfalls

idduki waterfalls

Resting in the land of cocnut tress and kerala boats. These waterfalls are the very definition of beauty and tranquility.

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