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10 Most Famous Viral Youtube Videos

Apparently fame has changed its meaning rapidly and has evolved with technology. The Myth of overnight fame is pretty much busted now, after what has happened to Justin Bieber who is now being said as the new King of pop or Rebecca Black with her song “Friday”.

In past, to become famous you would have needed immense genuine talent or have right connections but now all you need to know is where to click. “Viral video” concept is now being used by companies to promote their products. Here i have compiled some of the most famous viral videos on youtube which have gained immense popularity.

Rebeeca Black


Either she is too good or too good to be true.” Bad is the new Good ”  😉 Well you can decide yourself and check out her music video “Friday” which stirred the world. It has got nearly 10 Million views in weeks time. [Watch Here]

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

This teen pop star was discovered on youtube with his debut video “baby” being one of the most watched youtube video, after which he has never looked back. His video “baby” has well over 50 Million page views.[Watch Here]

Susan Boyle


She dreamed it right. Susan boyle was dicovered in a reality TV show Britain’s Got Talent where she stole the hearts of millions around the world by singing Les Miserables- I dreamed a dream. [Watch Here]

Ted Williams

Ted williams or “The man with a golden voice” became an overnight sensation on youtube when he was discovered by a videographer. He is now working as an anchor on MSNBC [Watch Here]

Jennifer Aniston-Smart Water


Jennifer Aniston guaranteed her this video will get over 100,000 views. I guess she did a pretty good job. Check out her ad video for Smartwater gone viral. [Watch Here]

Karen Cody – Justin Bieber Fan

Little cody’s home made video went viral on youtube while crying for teen pop star Justin Bieber. She along with her family were called at Jimmy kimmel show where cody got to meet Justin Bieber. [ Watch Here]

Charlie bit my finger – Again !

Charlie bit me

Its undoubtedly one of the most famous and one of the most viewed viral youtube video of all time with over 300 Million views. [Watch Here]

Numa Numa

numa numa

Numa numa is an internet phenomenon based on amateur singers lip syncing songs. This first video got immense attention and was named 41st in 2006 broadcast of 100 Greatest funny moments by Channel 4. [Watch Here]

Obama Girl

obama girl

Amber Lee Ettinger made a video for her love President of United States Barack H Obam. The result was a video with over 14 million views. [Watch Here]

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

This video didn’t make her famous but it did make to every single computer on earth. The most watched youtube video ever. Lady Gaga with her bad romance. [Watch Here]

Author Ahsan Mukhtar

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