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10 Top Fictional Special Agents & Spies

Special agents and spies are the definition of cool – at least in movies, novels and TV shows, that is. It is perhaps the mystery and thrill that revolves around them and the finesse with which they pull through the most impossible of situations that draws viewers to revere the characters to the extent that some come to be considered pop culture icons. Following is a tribute to the said characters, a list of the best fictional special agents and spies ever.

Jason Bourne (Bourne Trilogy)
Jason Bourne
Unlike the legendary Bond, Jason Bourne doesn’t sport flashy gadgets and fancy threads. Bourne is a survivor who fights against impossible odds to unveil the mystery that shrouds his past with nothing more than his sharp mind and an unfaltering will.

Jack Bauer (24)
Jack Bauer
Labeled by Entertainment Weekly as one of The 20 All Time Coolest Heroes in Pop Culture, a highly skilled field agent with “more lives than a cat”, revered by some and despised by others for his unorthodox methods, Jack Bauer is a true patriot who doesn’t hesitate to put his life on the line and go against every rule in the book to protect his country.

James Bond (James Bond)
James Bond
Bond, James Bond.” The legendary James Bond is much more than just a charismatic lady-charmer. Armed with an arsenal of hi-tech tools and a license to kill, the intelligent and refined Royal Navy Commander works for the MI6 under the famous label 007.

Solid Snake (Metal Gear)
Solid Snake
Field operative and spy for FOXHOUND, Snake is a battle-hardened master of espionage and sabotage whose stone-hearted demeanor makes him a dangerous enemy to have.

Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher is the field operative for the Splinter Cell program of Third Echelon, a branch of the NSA (National Security Agency), trained to be silent and precise on the field. Fisher is adept in fieldcraft and the Israeli melee combat technique of Krav Maga.

Sydney Bristow (Alias)
Sydney Bristow
The half-Russian Sydney Bristow is a spy adept in the hand-to-hand combat system of Krav Maga and can speak in up to thirty languages! Bristow works as a double-agent for the covert government agencies the like CIA to take down international organized crime.

Cody Banks (Agent Cody Banks)
Cody Banks
15 year-old Cody Banks, in a addition to being a meek but intelligent high-school student, is a junior spy for the CIA who uses his cunning and agility along with an assortment of high-tech gadgets to do the agency’s bidding.

Austin Powers (Austin Powers)
Austin Powers
One of many parodies of James Bond, Austin Powers is a spy Ministry of Defense with quite a sex drive, an eccentric demeanor and a thing for vibrant clothes.

Johnny English (Johnny English)
Johnny English
“He knows no fear. He knows no danger. He knows nothing.” Johnny English, an obvious James Bond spin-off, is a klutz of British Intelligence employee turned spy, who, despite having none of the qualities or expertise required for the job, manages to save the day owing to a misplaced confidence in his abilities.

Evelyn Salt (Salt)
Evelyn Salt
There aren’t a lot of ways to describe Evelyn Salt. A Russain sleeper agent vigorously trained and inserted into the American society along with others to cripple it from within, Salt grows up to join the CIA. But when her Russian comrades take the life of the man she loves, she becomes a ruthless agent of her own cause – exacting revenge on every last person responsible for her woes.

Author Sameed Khan

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