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10 Countries with the Largest Armed Forces

Even with diplomacy being the backbone the international scenario nowadays, countries find the need to spend a sizeable percentage of their annual budget on the military, and for good reason. It’s called preparing for the worst. A look back at history reveals that disputes have seldom been settled on paper. With tensions peaking and ebbing unpredictably on several fronts and terrorist factions emerging within countries all over the world, the military is always in need of more able individuals. And though numbers may not win a war, they certainly matter.

Following is a list of the ten countries that currently have the largest military forces in the world. [Stats via Wikipedia]


Chinese Armed Forces

United States of America


Indian Armed Forces

North Korea

North Korean Armed Forces


Russian Armed Forces

South Korea

South Korean Armed Forces


Pakistani Armed Forces


Iranian Armed Forces


Turkish Armed Forces


Vietnamese Armed Forces

Author Sameed Khan

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  • Dick says:

    good post! though army numbers are important its technology can have a advantage over number like in the case of Israel

  • Hehehehehe says:

    The number of soldiers is nothing. NOTHING. It’s all about atomic power. And when it comes to that, well the top 10 becomes a bit different. France, for instance, is the 3rd atomic power in the world.

  • Arshadmeo226 says:

    The Quality of the Armed forces matter. Equipment and training decides the fate. Spirt and enthusism priorities. demand of the borders keeps them fresh and fighting. Ruthlessness becomes the tradition, if not checked by the world. 

  • Qamarquaidian says:

    The number of soldiers and technology (atomic power) can never matter but only spirit and patriotism,
    just think about our Islamic battle GAZWA-E-UHAD, in which muslims were only 313 infront of 10,000 soldiers of nonmuslims. 


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