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10 Most Funny Chatroulette Pictures

The concept behind Chatroulette is simple and smart: the website spins the roulette wheel and connects to a random user for a session of video chat via webcam. Now, this might seem like a lot of harmless fun, but more often than not, things tend to get a little in and out of hand, if you catch my drift. However, if your lucky, you’ll be treated with the most creative forms of humor on the web. You might even get the chance to chat with a celebrity! Heck, you might land yourself a place on Chatroulette list with a funny screenshot. Following are ten Chatroulette moments that are bound to make you smile.

Batman meets Obama

The Dark Knight meets Obama

Obama: “Hey, Batman.”

Batman: “What?”

Obama: “Why so serious?”

Wanker Puppet

Wanker Puppet

This is what a few years on Sesame Street can do to a puppet. Elmo was lucky. He got to get jiggy with Ketty Perry. The wanker-puppet has a video on YouTube that you can view here.

Mine’s Bigger

Rabbit Junk

“Look at your junk, now back to mine, now back at your junk, now back to mine. Sadly, it isn’t as big as mine.”

Nazi Scare

Chatroulette Nazi Scare

Looks like it won’t be long before the Swastika drives the boogie man out of business.

Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues

We all know this could’ve been worse.

Wrong Chat Session, Wrong Time

Wrong Session, Wrong Time

“We gonna eat you alive, hoe!”



Either they’re filming a Paranormal Activity spin-off or they just saw Lady Gaga in her meat suit.

The Mask

The Mask

If that’s “pretty”, I wouldn’t want to see whatever’s hiding under that mask.

Cat Man

LOLcat Man

“I can haz Cat Womanz?”

Pwned by Stitch

Pwned by Stitch

Flawless victory.

Author Sameed Khan

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