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10 Top New Year’s Resolutions of a Geek

Only a few days to 2012, people! And you know what that means. A new year, a new start. It’s time to reminisce over the fleeting year and make a list of all the things you want to correct this time around (even if in vain). If you’re a proud member of the geek community, you might want to take a look at the following: a list of ten New Year’s resolutions based on the standard geek stereotype.

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1. Lose weight, bathe more regularly and stop peeing in soda cans during long hours of gaming.

New year's resolution of a Overweight Gamer

2. Read a book that isn’t science fiction, fantasy or a technical manual. [via techrepublic]

Books for Geeks

3. Limit my use of LOL, WTF, FTW, w00t and teh to written conversation. [via techrepublic]

New year's resolution to avoid WTF FTW w00T teh

4. Resist the urge to ridicule people who’ve never owned a smartphone.

iPhone 4 & Nexus S Point and Laugh

5. Show tolerance for people who don’t know the difference between memory and hard drive space. [via bbspot]

Memory versus Hard Disk Space

6. Quit tweeting from the bathroom.

New year's resolution for not Tweeting from the Toilet

7. Develop at least one snappy comeback that isn’t directly lifted from a movie or TV show. [via techrepublic]

New year's resolution

8. Spend at least one hour a day away from all forms of electronic entertainment.

Geek Electronic Haven

9. Check downstairs to see if family is still alive.

Twitter Foursqaure Funny Update

10. Learn a new sport Learn a sport.

New year's resolution to play a Geek Sport

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