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10 Most Shocking Pictures Ever

The world, as we know it, has been in turmoil since its very beginning. Pictures of the past are reminders of the unspeakable horrors and sufferings that has been a part of our history and of course, the brutality that was and still is Man’s wont.

Following are some of the  saddest and most shocking pictures ever taken. Do share your thoughts one these shocking images in comment section.

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hiroshima Nagasaki Atomic Bombs

Above are pictures of the only active use of Atomic Bombs in a war. At the climax of the Second World War, the US deployed two Atomic Bombs, one each on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the effects of which killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki.

Execution of a Viet Cong Soldier

Execution of a Viet Cong Soldier

The above photo, titled “General Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon”, is regarded as one of the most famed images in the history of journalism. Late American photographer, Edward Adams was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for the picture that shows South Vietnam’s Chief of National Police executing a Viet Cong soldier.

September 11 Attacks


On September 11, 2001, terror struck America as two passenger airliners allegedly hijacked by Al-Qaeda operatives crashed into the twin towers, raising them to the ground and claiming the lives of almost 3000 innocent people. Several photos of the tragedy show people jumping to their deaths to escape the flames that erupted after the collision.

Abu Ghraib Jail

Abu Ghraib

A year after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, shocking reports of torture, rape and homicide of prisoners held in Abu Ghraib prison began to surface, according to which the perpetrators of said acts were US military personnel in conjunction with Other Government Agencies.

The Child and the Vulture

Child and Vulture

The picture, taken by late South African photographer Kevin Carter, shows a starving Sudanese child stopping to rest her frail body while crawling towards a United Nations feeding center as a vulture waits expectantly nearby. Carter was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for the photo.

Palestinian Father Shielding Son

Palestinian Father Shielding Son

The above pictures are frames from a shocking scene captured by a France 2 cameraman near Gaza Strip. The footage shows Palestinian father Jamal al-Durrah, trying to shield his 12-year-old son, Muhammad al-Durrah, from gunfire while hiding behind a concrete wall, signaling and calling out to Israeli troops to stop firing. Jamal’s son was shot dead and he himself, gravely injured.

Hector Pieterson (Soweto Uprising)

Hector Pieterson (Soweto Uprising)

Hector Pieterson became an icon of the 1976 Soweto uprising in South Africa when he was shot dead in Police retaliation to a student protest. The picture above shows him being carried by a fellow student.

Burial of an Unknown Child (Bhopal Disaster)

Burial of Unknown Child (Bhopal Disaster)

The picture above shows one of 3,787 deaths caused by the 1984 Bhopal disaster wherein a toxic gas (MIC) was released from a Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant following which, approximately 40,000 cases of illness or disability caused by the exposure to the gas were confirmed.

Lynching of Young Black Men

Lynching of Young Black Men

This appalling photo shows the lynching of two young black men who were accused of the rape of a Caucasian woman and murder of her boyfriend. More horrendous than the tortured, bloody carcasses is the apparent joy on the faces of the lynch mob members.

The Last Jew of Vinnitsa

Last Jew of Vinnitsa

“The Last Jew of Vinnitsa” (Left) shows a Jew on his knees in front of a mass grave about to be executed by a member of an SS paramilitary death squad, Einsatzgruppe D.

Author Sameed Khan Images via topstrange

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  • i thought the most shocking one would be of model(s) without makeup, how can u forget these in this list 😀

  • Hamza Javaid says:

    what about the Sialkot lynching incident?

  • Tailgunner says:

    Two comments:

    The Vietcong shooting was actually a film. I’ve seen it.

    The photographer who took the child/vulture photo committed suicide because of it.

  • Misato says:

    umm… I trust you do know that the al-Durrah story was proved to be, and admitted by France2 TV to be,a hoax?

  • Sriley601 says:

    Sorry, the Viet Cong execution picture is a picture caught by Eddie Adams. There is a video of the incident that an NBC news camara also caught, but the video is from a slightly different angle (to the left of Adams position) and a person walks through the shot, partially blocking out the General, at the moment he pulls the trigger.

  • Sriley601 says:

    Sorry, the Viet Cong execution picture is a picture caught by Eddie Adams. There is a video of the incident that an NBC news camara also caught, but the video is from a slightly different angle (to the left of Adams position) and a person walks through the shot, partially blocking out the General, at the moment he pulls the trigger.

  • Anonymous says:

    In the Vietnam war photo, the writer goes back and forth between the “soldier” term and “prisoner.” Each paired with the word Viet Cong can mean two different things. This needs to be clarified and maintain consistency

  • iindian says:

    in bhopal gas tragedy actually more than 10000 people died and we are still counting.even after 25 yrs of moment we indians are still to punish the real culprits. its really a death of humanity in the hands of carporate giants of USA and our own currupt politicians .

  • the pic of the father desperately trying to shield his son pulls at my heart strings. As a new father, I don’t think I would be able to live through that loss.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nick Ut pultzer prize winning photo of the naked girl in Vietnam running away from the napalm bombing was always a strong powerful image

  • BobC says:

    What has not been mentioned is that the Viet Cong being executed by the Chief of Police was caught leaving the Chief’s home, where he had just killed the Police Chief’s wife and children — all part of the terror planned for the Tet Offensive.

  • Atman says:

    This is the atrocity of men in its peak moments…I just hope that humankind history will have less than that and more love instead

  • Baz says:

    No, hasbara has been making up stories that it was a hoax but in fact it was not a hoax. Begone troll.

  • Marjeela Habib says:

    wow it is very sad to see how cruel and vicious humans can be! The picture of the father desperatley trying to save his kid is very touching and depressing!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    So disturbing picture.. pity them

  • Sandy says:

    some of these images are very disturbing. i’m still intrigued, even though i’ve seen most of them already.

  • Sreekumar says:

     I was Heart Broken…both are innocent and unarmed…….

  • America says:

    No, not a powerful but a totally repulsive photo. Who the hell that “valuable” photographer think he is to give that image to a newspaper or magazine, exposing the nude body of a little girl? Where are the rights of American children?? Oh yes, she’s not an American one, nor the photographer’s daughter. So that’s why nobody give a fuck and just printed it?? More idiots where the ones who rewarded it than the ones who printed it.

  • Chelsea says:

    how disheartening that humans can do this to one another….

  • Susana says:

    The hardest picture for me to look at was that last one….all those people…

  • Asil says:


  • god damn israel !!!!

  • lilweazul says:

    wtf were the jew soldiers thinking of… shooting an innocent father and son just like rabbits… no wonder jews are being hated everywhere. eventhough after the 2nd ww they keep yelling never again but then again they treated the other human race as they did back then…now who’s the nazi’s again??? look at those 2 people… can you justify their deaths? now really sad… all bout the money and power… hope one day humanity will be gone just like the dinosaurs. now wouldnt that be fun?
    sorry for being harsh, but this is all menkind doing…killing and hating eachother for what? for power…

  • Imtiaz Arain says:

    I agree this Israelli brutal face is qiute enough to prove that they have not learned anything from their past. What they want to return to the world.Is there Any israelli who can justify this blood stain.

  • Beau says:

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    Akteure möglichst jung und unschuldig dargestellt werden.

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