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10 Most Weird Phobias of Hollywood Celebrities

You might imagine, what with the electric gates, CCTV cameras and burly security guards, that aside from the odd stalker the celebs would have little to fear. But it seems they’re actually freaked out by the strangest phobias in medical dictionary.

So here I have compiled a list of some of really weird phobias of famous Hollywood celebrities.

David Beckham

David Beckham is a terrific athlete, a great dresser, and well, quite perfect-looking physically. Perhaps that can all be attributed to his ataxophobia, or fear of disorder. He’s said to line up soda cans a certain way in the refrigerator. :O


Madonna’s always been a fearless femme fatale in our eyes. But even kickboxing, leather corset-wearing megastars are afraid of thunderstorms. YES, Madonna suffers brontophobia, the fear of thunder.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is just too cute for words, but the green-living British actor has a strange phobia, swinophobia. It’s the fear of pigs, and rumor has it that Orlando’s participation in the Animal Farm remake could be compromised because of it.

Nicole Kidman

Lovely Nicole Kidman has admitted to suffering panic attacks when she steps out onto the red carpet, but she has another, ironic phobia. She’s afraid of butterflies. Who knew that something so delicate and ethereal could freak out, well, someone so delicate and ethereal?

Christina Ricci

I was surprised to learn that Christina Ricci has botanophobia, or intense fear of houseplants. She thinks they’re dirty, and they “freak [her] out.” This means she doesn’t have a gardern fore sure.

Pamela Anderson

Anderson has eisoptrophobia, or a fear of mirrors. Anderson’s phobia is probably really a fear of seeing her own reflection of herself. Maybe plastic surgery and implants are just too much to handle?

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly has Haphophobia which is the fear of being touched, and her brother Jack once said in an interview, “All you have to do is just touch her collarbone. It’s awesome, she starts dry-retching.”

Billy Bob Thornton

We all know that Billy Bob Thornton is a pretty eccentric character who does what he wants. But he’s also plagued by chromophobia and a fear of antique furniture. Thornton admitted that he’s “creeped out by old furniture,”

Matthew McConaughey

Come on, Matthew McConaughey isn’t afraid of anything, is he? Turns out, the outdoorsy guy is petrified of tunnels and revolving doors, saying that he gets anxious as soon as he sees the spinning doors.

Kim Basinger

Basinger has agoraphobia, which is the fear of open spaces, and, as reports, “has twice confined her to home for six-month stints.” Side effects of agoraphobia include extreme shyness and a fierce need for privacy.

Author Ahsan Mukhtar Via NursingSchool

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