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10 Most Amazing Heart Shaped Wonders of Nature

It’s that time of year when love is in the air, and it’s all over the earth too. Before the 7 manmade wonders of the world happened, Nature created many of her own natural wonders. Some of them are simply amazing and photographs taken of them from sky shows, they are heart shaped.

So here I have compiled some of the most amzaing heart shaped wonders of nature. I hope you will like it.


Here is a selection of images showing nature has a heart too! A coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.


Heart-shaped Island in the mangrove delta of the Vaza-Barris River in Brazil.


Heart-shaped Tupai Island in French Polynesia.

New Caledonia

The Coeur de Voh in New Caledonia


Heart-shaped meadow in Trittau, Germany


Heart-shaped Lichens (Crustose), Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Florida


Heart-shaped garden in Waltrop, Germany


Heart-shaped Island in Walchensee, Germany


A heart-shaped Sandbank in the bed of the Loire river in Saint Florent Le Vieil in Nantes, France


Heart-shaped resevoir in Schoenberg, Germany

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Author Ahsan Mukhtar

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