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10 Best Winter Cruises Destinations

Summer is over and it’s nearly that time for the winter extravaganza. If you are planning a winter vacation on a cruise then this will surely help you. This list will help you to explore all the winter destinations around the globe. Find out where you should go and why this winter and you can leave your hat, scarf and gloves behind.

so here i have compiled some of the best winter holiday Cruise destinations for you to check out. I hope you will like it.


Cruise the outstanding islands of the Caribbean for a tropical trip to paradise. Head for the Domincan Republic, Jamaica, or many many more. All islands offering clear waters, hot sunshine and a relaxed atmosphere.


Barbados offers everything you need with unspoiled charm and sophistication. There is hot sun, warm sand, blue waters and friendly people. You will also find historic sites in Bridgetown; the island’s port. Beaches are aplenty and the sun will be shining.

U.S. Virgin Islands

This fashionable set of islands is a hotspot for cruises. St Thomas is the port of choice for shoppers. There are many other attractions and beautiful beaches, as well. A lot of holiday cruise ships focus their trip on St .Thomas alone, and the passengers are not disappointed.


Is a great destination for winter sun as even in December as temperatures rarely drop below 25 °C. The Red Sea Riviera is a popular choice for many holiday makers. You can have a go at snorkeling and scuba-diving, or play a game of golf in the glorious sunshine.


Go to Dubai for its beautiful stylish beaches. You can shop till you drop in the amazing shopping malls or hang out the beautiful beaches. An exotic taste of the Middle East combined with the best of the West.

Australia / New Zealand

New Zealand has only recently become a destination for cruise holidays. This area has rapidly risen in popularity contests, as its breathtaking natural surroundings are second to none with its glaciers and hidden beaches.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers visitors some great amenities and an opportunity to understand the results of capitalism blending with communism.


Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and other west coast ports of call along the Mexican Riviera come alive with strong margaritas and lively bands. Those who come to relax may find the scene really energetic. November to April is the drier, less humid and not quite as hot as the summer period.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is perhaps the world’s most amazing engineering project. This destination shows man’s fingerprints on nature as the canal links two oceans and separates continents. It’s pretty impressive despite the heat and humidity, but cruising the Panama Canal means you can cool off in the sea.

Northern Lights cruises

Discover Norway in the winter on an Arctic adventure in search of the Northern Lights. Sail inside massive, narrow, steep-cliff fjords. These natural wonders are incredibly beautiful and well worth visiting.

Author Ahsan Mukhtar

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  • Giridhar says:

    awesome… i just wish i was on the Norway cruise this winter!!!

  • Ghost says:

    umm i would love to go to Caribbean

  • mariazero1 says:

    It's really nice information. I am looking for a surprise cruise holidays for my family. I have 2 children. So can you suggest me which one is best for me??

  • mariazero1 says:

    It's really nice information. I am looking for a surprise cruise holidays for my family. I have 2 children. So can you suggest me which one is best for me??

  • good art of photography done in the blog while i think there is better picture in the blog to share.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cruise lines seem to have successfully convinced choosy travelers that the open sea is the ideal place to spend their hard-earned–and increasingly scarce–dollars.

  • Anonymous says:

    Apparently winter is actually one of the best times for Royal Caribbean Cruises. Certain winter attractions are meant to be a great experience, I’m planning a trip for Christmas for my whole family. I can’t wait.

  • Hedy Mcgonnell says:

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  • I’ve no hesitation to say that this is a very good list for those who love cruise traveling. Other than above Meditation Sea, South Pacific Sea cruise destination like Fiji and Polynesian islands like Tahiti are also some best destination for cruises. Tourist also like these destination too.

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  • Jack Haliday says:

    Reading your post and this one on Winter Cruise Destinations, it appears that the Caribbean is the most popular choice for a winters cruise!However, being from Scotland, I cannot get my head round the idea of sitting on a beach, in tropical climates opening my Christmas Gifts!! Do they have Brussel Sprouts in the Caribbean?! :)

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