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10 Most Famous Vampires

After the success of twilight series people have shown a lot of interest in such mythological beings. So i compiled this list by searching for the word Vampire + the series name + the vampire name on a number of search engines. This ensured that I was indeed getting results for a particular vampire from a particular series. The vampire’s popularity was judged by the total number of pages found for them. So, for example to rank Edward from Twilight I searched for “Vampire Twilight Edward”, which had millions and millions of pages.

So here I have compiled some of the most famous vampires…I hope you will like it.

Edward Cullen

Edward from the Twilight series of books and movies.

Alice Cullen

Alice from the Twilight series of books and movies.


Bill from the Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood book and TV series.


Nosferatu, first appearing in the 1922 movie of the same name, an adaptation of Dracula.


Lilith from ancient vampire lore.


Spike from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series.


Dracula from the 1897 novel and countless movie and TV renditions


Lara from the Dresden Files book and TV series.


Angel from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series.

Author Ahsan Mukhtar

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16 Comments on this Post

  • aqeeliz says:

    You missed Lestat. If you just count books, he would probably be the most famous vampire, right after Dracula himself.

  • aqeeliz says:

    You missed Lestat. If you just count books, he would probably be the most famous vampire, right after Dracula himself.

  • RR says:

    I agree, you missed Lestat, and also maybe Count Chocula.

  • Steven says:

    Alucard from hellsing is more famous then half of those twerps, Lestat is definately more famous, Blood from Blood the last vampire, Rapheal from Soul Caliber, Count chocula doesnt really make the list but hell he is even more famous than lilith. I think you should research and try again.

  • Str8boober says:

    Where's Kain?

  • 328069 says:

    Where is Damon Salvatore. Damon Salvatore is way much more cooler that Edward Cullen.

  • Ameliekat says:

    What about Medeina? She is known in Eastern Europe (Lithuania to be more exact) as an ancient lithuanian godess of night and forest, a voluptuous and beautiful huntress, followed by wolves and is the most famous vampire there. She is forever young girl who “leads people to death”.

  • […] Vampires are probably the most popular from amongst all mythical creatures. With their dreadful fangs, greater agility and endurance and an insatiable lust for blood, these undead immortals have haunted our minds through folklore, modern books and movies, the most popular of which would be Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the modern hit series (among much skepticism), Twilight. […]

  • Sanam_abhi1 says:

    Damon Salvatore and Lestat are missing :((……..They cant miss this list or u’ve not heard about them 😀

  • Giles the Hunter says:

    The Cullens are NOT vampires!!!

  • Dylansummers says:

    This list was obviously made by a 12 year old

  • Miriam says:

    salvatore brothers and Lestat have been missed. 

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  • Luck says:

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