With the popularity of the new Fast & Furious films and the Barrett-Jackson Auto auction I figure it is time to explore the world of American Muscle cars. These cars are known for power and speed as well as, in today’s world,¬†collectability.

Here I have compiled some of the most famous American muscle cars. My dream car is not some Lamborghini but one in this list. Pick yours ;)

1969 Chevy Camaro

With the meaner look of this car compared to the softer look of the years prior, this car was a high seller. You had your choice of either a big block or a small block V8 engine and that just depended on how much power you wanted.(Image Source)

1969 Dodge Charger

This car became extremely popular when the TV show the Dukes of Hazard first aired. You could seat 6 people in this big block V8 hemi engine power car and that was a rarity.(Image Source)

1969 Dodge Challenger

With this car you could get a hardtop or a convertible version and either a road/track version or the luxury version. The typical engine was a slant 6, but you could upgrade to a V8 engine.(Image Source)

1969 Chevy Chevelle

This car appeared to be a low key car with none of the fancy mark ups of that generation, but in actuality it was one of the fast cars on the road.(Image Source)

1970 Ford Torino

The standard engine for this car was a 250 six cylinder, but you could upgrade to the 302, 351, or the 429 V8 engines. These cars came with a three speed transmission instead of a four speed, except for the Cobra versions.(Image Source)

1970 Dodge Dart Swinger

This car was little, light and fast. They were typically equipped with a 318, 340 or a 360 small block V8 engine and could stand up to the bigger muscle cars of that time.(Image Source)

1970 Plymouth Cuda

This 425 horse power V8 engine was available in a coupe and convertible version. This car was available in three different models, The Barracuda, The Gran Coupe and The Cuda.(Image Source)

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge

There were very few cars that made a bigger statement visually than this car. This car had creases in the body, which wasn’t available in any cars until then, and a big V8 engine that made it a terror on the road.(Image Source)

1965 Ford Mustang

This car was the only car that allowed you to customize the car to your needs and it had a cheap price tag. It was available in hardtop and convertible versions and you had a choice of three V8 engine sizes up to 271 horsepower, four speed transmissions.(Image Source)

1969 Ford Thunderbird

This car was available as a four door model, unlike the other muscle cars of this generation. The rear doors opened backwards, which made it different from every other four door car available. They came with 360 horsepower V8 engines. (Image Source)

Author Ahsan Mukhtar

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24 Responses to 10 Most Famous American Muscle Cars

  1. Ghost says:

    Loved Ford Torino

  2. Ahmad says:

    couldnt find any difference in visuals of dodge challenger and ford mustang :)

  3. Shoaib Hashmi says:

    I love these muscle cars. For me, Chevy 69 and Ford Mustang are the best in this list.

  4. vinnex says:

    1970 Plymouth Cuda is really very much attractive for me. I like this car because 425 horse power V8 engine was available & also have different model where I can choose one for me. http://bit.ly/2syXBv site help me to know this model. Thank the sire owner.

  5. VickyC says:

    The Dodge Charger looks fierce! And seats 6.
    Fierce & Functional! I love it!!
    You didn't say which car is your favorite.. But I'm sure you wouldn't say no to any of them!! :)

  6. mecolston says:

    These cars are the tur meaning of the American dream. dating back to the frist original muscle car. These are the true dreams of teen everywhere, and they stiill are today. With all of the new remakes, I know they are meant to be a tribute, and they all look great but none of them hold the power and “umpf” ofthe originals. As they are, they are truly a class all of their own, and who could possibly have a favorite? They are all great!!

  7. Ahsan says:

    LOL… i ll definitely not say NO to any one of them. :)

  8. Sobchak says:

    Great cars all, though I always had a soft spot for the Mercury Cougar, back when it was a real muscle car (1967-1970).

  9. Bob S. says:

    I would dispute the T-Bird in this list…by 1969, it was a big, slow, and butt-uuuuugly behemoth of a vehicle…not generally considered a performance car at that point anymore. The Swinger could be cool in certain trim, but wasn't all that popular. Good choice on the rest, particularly the Judge and 'Cuda. Personally would have added a '70 Z/28, '64 GTO (the car that started it all) and, although not really from the era, a '78 black Trans Am. Just because :)

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  11. That's a nice list you got there, my preferred one is the Cuda (mainly because of the design).

  12. untamedstang67 says:

    thats because they pictured the wrong car as the mustang. DDAAAHHH

  13. untamedstang67 says:

    thats because they pictured the wrong car as the mustang. DDAAAHHH

  14. jburgess says:

    I can't believe you left out the Plymouth Roadrunner or the GTX series a 440 or hemi engines were available.olds 442.or Plymouth fury. I think Dodge made available a comet with a hemi engine available.A friend of mine had a 1964 Chevy Nova with a 427 engine and 4 speed transmission. it was also very fast.and you omitted the most obvious, the 69 Corvette stingray with optional 454 engine in it. I know I know it dosen't matter what you put down someone is going to say something different. you have a good choice anyway. thanx


  15. CW Muse says:

    Why is the T-bird there?

  16. This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more posts like this? Plese tell me, thanks

  17. Carcrazyken says:

    The ’69 Challenger did not exist. (came out as a ’70 model) Picture you have is a ’72 or ’73.

  18. Meauxpar says:

    The Challenger vis a ’71

  19. Steamdonkey says:

    no mention of 1969 BOSS 429 or even the Mach 1 428 SCJ

    yet the Swinger, T-Bird make the list…. ney I say

    Cuda / Challenger——Charger / Road Runner—–Camaro/Firebird—-Mustang/Cougar —-Chevelle—-GTO—-AMX—–Torino/Cyclone Nova

    would be my choices

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  22. ChargerCBH says:

    DODGE CHARGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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