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10 Best Selling Music Artists of All Time

The world’s best-selling music artists cannot be listed officially, as there is no organization that has recorded global music sales. This page lists those artists who have had claims made to be among the top sellers. This means that these figures should be considered claims, not facts.

So here I have compiled some of the most top selling music artists of all time. I hope you will like it.

Elvis Presley

Leading the way in the chart of highest album sales is the original King of Rock ‘n Roll. Elvis Presley recorded a total of 77 albums. In total he sold about more than 1 billion albums.

The Beatles

In their eight years recording together, The Fab Four from Liverpool recorded a total of 12 original albums, finding immense success all over the world. They sold over 750 million albums.

Michael Jackson

King of Pop Michael Jackson was at one time probably the biggest star in the world. He went on to form one of the most successful solo careers ever, releasing 11 albums and countless record-breaking singles. He sold more than 750 million albums.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra has probably the longest music career out of our best selling music artists, renowned singer and Oscar-winning actor is one of only four artists with a claim to selling over 500,000,000 albums.


Another 4-piece to make it into the list of highest selling musicians, Abba had a plethora of international hits in the 70s. Abba sold over 370 million albums.

Led Zeppelin

Formed in 1968, Led Zeppelin is considered one of the first heavy metal bands. Led Zeppelin have sold over 300 million albums and make it to number 6 on our list of the best selling musicians of all time.


Formed in 1970 by Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger, the English rock band have notched up an impressive 300 million sales between their 15 studio albums.

Elton John

Elton John is an English singer-songwriter, composer and pianist. In his four-decade career, John has sold more than 250 million records

Tino Rossi

An active and successful singer and, Tino Rossi operatic voice and “Latin Lover” persona helped him become one of the highest selling music artists of all time. He sold over 300 million albums.

Julio Iglesias

A promising career as a goalkeeper for Real Madrid FC cut short by a car accident, Julio Iglesias developed a highly successful music career, selling 77 albums and performing Julio has sold over 250 million albums worldwide.

Author Ahsan Mukhtar

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  • Only Tino Rossi is unexpected for me in this list

  • jacob says:

    you r stupid ABBA but no pink floyd

  • Well, I have been reading your blog posts daily and the reason I come on your blog frequently is its compelling content… Regards

  • Well, I have been reading your blog posts daily and the reason I come on your blog frequently is its compelling content… Regards…

  • powis152 says:

    Most estimates place the order and numbers as follows:

    1) Beatles Over 1 billion sales

    2)Elvis Approx' 500-700 million sales

    3) Michael Jackson Approx 300 million sales

    Think the figures on the featured list are somewhat dubious.

  • James says:

    MJ has sold the most albums sony has confirmed it.

  • medyum says:

    Only Tino Rossi is unexpected for me in this list

  • computer repair toronto says:

    Michael Jackson is my all time favorite!

  • IceKing says:

    You missed out Madonna..

  • I dont really like Tino Rossi music, but all the others are grat artists and surely deserve the worldwide fame they have!

  • Inlinfury says:

    Alot of these are wrong you can find the correct list on the RIAA website it show only certified sells not claims. The RIAA doesnt even have ABBA in the top 50 and Certified sales show the beatles at 246.6 million worldwide and 177 million in the United states alone. The RIAA list for worldwide sales —-> The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd Top 5 #6 The Eagles, #7 Garth Brooks #8 Elton John #9 Queen #10 AC/DC. ABBA is shown at only selling 50.5 million albums world wide. Every band in the top 10 has sold more than 200 million albums worldwide the differnce between #1 and #10 is only 40.2 million in certified sales. Certified being sold and paid for legally. And doesnt include illegal downloads or bootlegs.

  • Inlinefury says:

    Sony why would sony confirm anything he was signed with Epic and Legacy and in the 70s motown. Check the RIAA they track legal record sales and Jackson Didnt touch Elvis. Michael is only 12 million sales above Led Zeppelin and 15 million more than Pink Floyd in world wide sales. Great artist yes but not the best.

  • Mvpgamer says:

    Epic is a division of Sony…. and Tommy Mottola, the HEAD of Sony Worldwide said that Michael Jackson is the biggest selling artist of all time. PERIOD. Anyone who says that Pink Floyd, or ACDC, or Led Zeppelin has sold more just say that because they want them top have sold more. But Michael is the biggest of all time.

  • Mjanse says:

    You figures about ABBA are wrong. ABBA sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. Only their latest album Gold sold nearly 30 million copies.

  • jason says:

    It’s MJ. We must realize that Elvis and the Beatles
    had more than 70 albums. MJ only had 11 SOLO albums, with only 6 albums
    as a SOLO ADULT singer. With only 11 solo albums, MJ’s sales figures are
    phenomenal. Thriller as an album remains the top 1 best-selling
    worldwide . 3 out of 11 of MJ’s albums are part of the top 30
    best-selling worldwide (only 2 of the Beatles’ albums made it top 30 worldwide). 3 out of 11 is extremely impressive.
    Just imagine if MJ made as many albums as the Beatles or Elvis!

  • Cameron_4992 says:

    Elvis Presley has the most album sales and singles, by a long shot.

  • Kashiaroundtheworld says:

    WOW I never really thought about it that.. MJ always said althought he loved the stats and breaking records, he tried to keep focus on the art and not the stats… Hence why he crafted his ADULT career how he wanted and release albums HOW and WHEN he wanted… And I love that he wrote so many of his own hits unlike people who just churn out album after album of other people’s work… (obviously Im not talking about the Beatles here)… BUT what you say is really amazing comparatively MJ blew the others out of the water… WOW!

  • kev says:

    Michael Jackson wrote so many of his own hits by himself. The Beetles were four guys who collaborated to make songs. Geraldo once said that MJ sold more than the Beetles and Elvis combined!

  • kev says:

    OOPS…Beatles lol! They were a little before my time.

  • rob says:

    It’s not even close, Elvis is way ahead of MJ.


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