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5 Facts About Miley Cyrus You Didn’t Know About


Want to know about some interesting fact about Miley Cyrus ? Do you know Miley is not her real name ? Yes, its not ! This teen pop stars has been making rounds on all tabloids for the past couple of years in all good and bad. But the teen star seems focused on one […]

5 Flappy Bird Alternatives to Download


Flappy Bird alternatives are already available for download on app stores across almost all mobile platforms. Flappy Bird, an indie game which caught serious attention recently after a massive success with over 50 million download and in-app banner apps generating $50,000 per day. Yesterday, Flabby bird’s owner Nguyen pulled the game off from both iOS […]

5 Outrageous Celebrity Homes


Don’t you just love it when celebrities show us that we’re all the same? That they’re human too? We almost believe it… until we see their fabulous digs. From beach houses and ocean front villas to penthouses the size of a small mansion, our famous stars reside in some of the most beautiful homes in […]

5 Best TV Shows to Watch


TV Shows are gaining massive popularity recently and interestingly people are watching TV shows online too. Comedy TV shows do good on ratings usually but here we have compiled a list of some of the best tv shows to watch. Grey’s Anatomy TV’s most popular medical drama is back, and this season, it loses one […]

5 Best Free Communication Apps for Android


In recent years, Android ┬áhas struck hard on international mobile OS market and is dominating it with a huge marketshare in bag, bringing in some amazing applications out from developers. Apps like viber and hangout have already made it to almost every android phone out there. We have compiled here some of the best free […]

5 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow


We all use Twitter to stay in touch with the news and with our favorite celebrities (and their every mundane thought) but we all know that every now and them, our Twitter feed provides with a good laugh. This list is designed to help you identify twitter accounts you should follow which produce laughter-worthy tweets […]

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